Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sept 1

The year is flying by... should get a soft helmet, goggles and a flyer's scarf to keep the bugs from getting in my eyes as time whooshes past, blowing my hair back.

Thanks for everyone who stopped by yesterday's blog tour and left a comment. You all are great!

One stop left on the mini blog tour and that is September 15th at Morgan Mandel's double M blog. I'll keep you posted. I have no idea if the blog tour was a success, but I think it introduced me to a new audience and introductions are important. So, I will do another blog tour for my next book, Dream Man, in January. Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. Would love to host you again next year, Nancy!

    L. Diane Wolfe “Spunk On A Stick”

  2. I love your imagery, Nancy. I can actually see you holding onto a pair of motorcyle handles and crouching down low to dodge the wind as calendar pages fly past.

    I still haven't visited Spunk on a Stick yet to see your post there, but I'll toodle my way over next.

    And good luck on Dream Man. I'm excited to read it next!

  3. Thanks, L. Diane! I'll put you down. :)

    Linda, I'm researching steam punk-lol-lots of goggles there.

  4. Sorry I haven't dropped by in a while, Nancy. Been pretty swamped myself, but I have been following your progress.

    Congratulations, as always, and best of luck!