Monday, September 21, 2009

Sept 21

I worked in my garden over the weekend. Weeding I came across a miniature rose peaking out from under a hosta. My kids gave me the rose plant two years ago for Mother's day and I had planted it in the garden where the rabbits promptly ate it down to a stub. But it grew back, surviving under the hosta. Even more lovely were the brilliant red flowers it produced- in secret-under the bigger plant. You had to get down close to see them, but they were there. Great metaphor, don't you think? About life in general...there is magic to be found in unexpected places if you look real close.


  1. Flowers make such great metaphors. You could also say the rabbits eating the roses down to a stub are like publishers handing out rejections. But with enough endurance, a person can keep growing and submitting, only to bloom again.

  2. Want to come work my garden? I am terrible with plants!