Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sept 30

As this month ends and a new month begins, I am feeling way behind. It doesn't help that my internet is slow, my browsers freeze and I am unable to reply to groups. I've got four books out on query and in various stages of revisions- which means they are like an entire house being remodeled- complete with saw dust, drop cloths and such. I've reached the point where you feel as if it will never look good again. :) I feel bad that I am unable to catch up on the wonderful blog posts of friends. To read the growing pile of good books published by friends. Perhaps it was yesterday's MA deadlines that put me behind or the trip to the wedding. Perhaps it was also the internet troubles and recent colds, but I look at all the work to be done and all the apologies to give out and shake my head and sigh. There is nothing for it but to pick a spot and begin. :) Please know that I enjoy your comments and appreciate your following and hope to extend the same courtesy to you, soon. Thank you for your support!


  1. Don't feel bad! I'm in between two big trips and loaded with seminars, so I am definitely behind.

  2. Thanks, but see here you are commenting. :) Thank you for that! I'll stop whining now and get to work. I love to visit your blog and want to find time to comment, too. Cheers!