Thursday, June 10, 2010

June 10

Awesome agent sent me a list of 30 or so publishers she is contacting about the thriller. Then we wait two to three weeks to see what the reaction is. It is summer time which slows things down as editors are people, too, and go on vacation or attend conferences this time of year.
I have been running around like a crazy woman yesterday, today and tomorrow are all filled with appointments. Plus I have received everything for the week in PA for the Master's Residency program; seven days running nearly 12 hours each of intensive study. I am still reading one book that must be done by the 22nd and now have critiques to do...and next week to do it all in. :D
What happened to slowing down in the summer?
Hope your day is filled with bright spots. Cheers~


  1. My slow summer isn't happening either!

  2. Fingers crossed for your thriller. How exciting!

  3. Thanks Linda! :)
    L. Diane, what kinds of things are keeping you busy? Hope you have a moment to smell the roses. :D Cheers~