Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 15th

Another month is half over-sheesh. The sun has finally come out popping through hazy clouds. Everything is green even the houses and fences where the mold has flourished in our recent rain forest-like weather. The lake is riding high on it's banks, dark and murky from run-off. The birds call, robin, dove, cardinal and sparrow. They alight on the leaves and shower the ground and branches with water droplets from their movements. The sky is still hazy and barely shows the watered sunlight. The constant hum of lawnmowers and trimmers is stopped for a moment by the wet grass. A light brown deer with big eyes and big ears pops it's head out of the deep shadow of the woods to nibble at the neighbors day lilies. Everything smells of dampness and dark musty odors of mud and mold.The view from my window is its own kind of quiet, sparkling and at once attractive and repulsive. cheers~


  1. Hi Nancy, Just been catching up with your happenings! (I'm not really procrastinating!) You're so busy all the time and still keep up your blogging so regularly, with such interesting topics too. Amazing!

    Cold but sunny here, as the Soccer World Cup 2010 plays out. Very glad June is half way over - it means summer is coming closer.
    Cheers & happy writing

  2. Hi Judy!! *waves* so good to see you here. Thanks for stopping by. Do you have tickets to any of the games? I've been keeping tabs on line.

    Cheers~ N