Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 30

Some where, someone is cranking on the handle of time and making it go faster. I swear. Tomorrow is July and the year will be half over. Yesterday I went through a week's stack of mail- got a paper cut , some bills and lots of ads that had to be shredded. lol. I have sorted and filed all the info from class. I have three projects to work on- fixes to the story that was critiqued, improvements to a YA and my thesis work which has 30 more pages due July 27th.
My garden is little worse for the wear in my being gone. I dined on fresh green beans and peapods from my patio pots. The tomatoes will be fully ripe soon. The grape vine is loaded when the grapes turn purple there will be more jelly to be made.
The sky is blue. The air is that perfect mix of warm and cool and school is out so the sounds of children playing float in through the window. Hope your day is good. Cheers~


  1. Oh, yum. Hearing about all that home-grown food is making me hungry.

  2. I absolutely agree Nancy! Just can't understand where the year has gone to (flying by at supersonic speed). Hope the paper cut is better soon! :) And good luck with your MFA thesis - am sure it will get top marks!

  3. Hi Linda, hi Judy,
    thanks for stopping by. As soon as I get my brain back I'll stop by and say hi on your blogs, too. cheers~