Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 29

Oh, boy, was I tired Sunday. It dragged into Monday when I came home to much yard work to be done. I raced the clock on the dog yard mucking, the mowing and trimming and weeding and finished before the lawn recycling man came to pick up clippings. Then it was off to the store to find food. No time for blogging.
I'm glad to be back today and hopefully will spend the day sorting through all the information I was given and filing and cleaning, etc. I've also got new ideas for a couple of my wips and want to get to that. It was a busy week and I missed my quiet life and the view from my room, but at the same time it's good for a writer to get out and experience things like a plane ride with lightning the entire trip. It helps when you create stories.
How is your week going?


  1. I find it frightening enough flying, never mind being targeted by lightening all the way home... and you sound so calm about it all. I'm impressed.

  2. Thanks, Rosalind, my doctor gave me panic drugs-which helped- a lot. So, I guess I cheated. ;)
    Have a great day!