Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13

This Monday has shaped up to be a true Monday. Got up late and have had phone calls and problems to solve and no food so I had to make muffins-blueberry, yum! But I wanted to make this sour cream blueberry coffee cake I made last month. So, I spent 20 minutes searching for the recipe and couldn't find it-looked up and it was 11 a.m. and I needed breakfast. So I ended up making muffins. It's Monday.
I read a recent article where they surveyed a small group of bloggers- only 40 participated. They asked what kinds of blogs interested the reader the most. Surprisingly, people wanted to know the day to day living of an author more than they wanted to know writing craft tips, etc. This news surprised me because I don't find my day-to-day living as anything special. I am like any other person with good days and bad, housework and cooking and calls from my agent and PR to do and books to write. Oh, well, I guess that is a bit different-but not so much if you were here living it. Thank goodness they don't do reality shows about writer's lives. It would be a giant snooze fest. They would have to write in a visit from a Snooky or some other crazy reality TV person just to liven things up.
What do you like to read when you read blogs?


  1. Our day has run along quite similar lines for reasons other than screaming birds. I too overslept, had a late breakfast and consequently everything else has been behind schedule.

    At least if a blog post is not interesting you can close it and move on. I once went to a guest writer event at a local bookshop. He began with his childhood and worked his way through, ending with the day the phone call came offering him his first contract. He then said, 'I can't tell you how to write a successful novel. It's all about luck really.' And we all went home!

  2. I do love reading your day to day blog now that you mention it. I bet there is something to that poll.

    Hope the rest of your Monday went okay.

  3. Hi Rosalind, it was fun connecting about our similar days yesterday. Oh, that speaker must have been awful! lol. A good rule of thumb when speaking, is to never start with when I was a kid...

    Hi Linda, I like to read about your day to day life as well~ so I guess it's right. Cheers~