Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 8

Note: this is a housekeeping post to catch you up on what is going on in my life.
I think I must have received close to 16 documents via e-mail this morning for the residency week at Seton Hill University Master's program. I'm still sorting and printing them all out. That put me a tad bit behind in all my daily tasks-such as writing this blog. The good news is that this is my last residency. I graduate June 26th with an MA in Writing Popular Fiction. Yes!
I hope that come July, I can put more effort into on-time blog posts and visits with other blogger friends. In the meantime, I'm treading water, trying to keep my head up. If I am slow with a blog or a message please put it down to my head in too many clouds.
I have a number of writing friends with new releases and I hope to put some time in celebrating their work~along with my own starting in July.
If you are waiting for "The Counterfeit Bride" please note that while it has a June release date, the publisher tells me it will be mailed out in August.
One last note: This weeks Craft blog is on procrastination- you can find it at

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