Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 30

Yes, I got my Tuesday blog out - finally. I am still dragging from school, but this means I'm improving. It's the last day of June. The slow humid heat of summer has arrived. The scent of green and growing things-so different from the sharp cold scent of winter. The lake is alive with unseen critters, leaving concentric circles where they skim the surface. The sky is blue and white and hazy. The color less sharp more pastel than what we see in winter when the air is full of ice crystals. Birds are constantly singing their territorial markers. Children are out of school, running and screaming and filling the air with the loud importance of their games. The woods is lush and full blocking the view with shadows, shades of green, rocking of the wind. The wind is lazy, softly blowing gossamer, sheer curtains in and out. Flowers bring color to the green along with dragon flies, butterflies and insects of all varieties. Coffee out on the deck before it gets too hot and I'm chased inside. Summer.

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