Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 16

My good friend and wonderful writer, Carolyn Brown told me yesterday that her latest book, "Love Drunk Cowboy" made the NYT Bestseller list. Then this morning she found out it was on the USA Today Bestseller list. I am so very happy for her. She and I go way back to when I first published. She published 36 books with Avalon before she went to Sourcebooks and started her wildly popular cowboy books. This proves that persistence does pay off. Carolyn is a fabulous writer and her stories resonate. Even better she never gave up. I am so inspired by her and happy for her, I had to share with you. Seriously in this business you just never know. Congrats Carolyn and keep writing my friends. Cheers~


  1. What a great inspirational story. Congrats to Carolyn. I love the title of her story. Wow.

  2. Keeps you going, doesn't it? :) Cheers~