Thursday, May 28, 2009

May 28

Driving home from my lunch yesterday, I had an idea for an old book that I haven't given up on yet.... vague, I know but I'm still in the "must find out more info" stage. Selling a book is all about timing. I find I'm usually years ahead of a trend- which you would think would be good-but it's not. "No one's buying that" and when they are "buying that" my work has been seen by everyone all ready and turned down... But that doesn't mean a good story can't be remade.

My first published book- Saving Samantha - was written for a sweet line that went under the very month I submitted it. So I remade it as a sexy romance and submitted- but then no one wanted westerns-so, I put it away. Until Avalon announced it was looking for sweet historicals of any setting- so I pulled it back out- cut 250 pages-ouch- and sent it in- bingo! Sold. So, I'm always playing with my inventory. You just never know. Cheers!


  1. Good for you Nance, your tenacity and belief in self paid off!

    P.S. I got my audio post up – check it out when you get the chance. :)

  2. I'm the same way, Nancy. My first book, I never WANT to see published. The second I tore apart, and it became HEAD OVER HEELS (my first published novel). I may put old books and partials on the backburner, but a part of my mind is always thinking about them and looking for new opportunities for them. Like you, I've been ahead of the curve when it hasn't paid off, but sometimes I'm too slow for the curve as well.

  3. Fabulous! One of the things I'm always telling people who want to write (but procrastinate instead) is that you can't sell a book you haven't written yet. Simple, but true.