Monday, May 4, 2009

May 4

Today is a math day- 5.4.09. 5+4=9 5x4=20

That is where my brain went today... I'm working on revisions for a project I'm doing with a friend. I'm also doing some research reading and best of all, I'm weeding the gardens. The thistles are back, but no worries I have evil chemicals ready to kill them dead. I tried the old fashioned organic way. But thistles need something stronger than me and my weed popper (a metal device that you shove in the ground and it pulls the weed out...mostly.) So with gloves on my hands and a nice face mask, I'll be out there with a spray bottle. Much easier on the back, I think. Some times you have to be ruthless. (This also applies to revisions and editing, too.) Judicial ruthlessness is important no matter what you do. Cheers!


  1. Hope your back is properly on the mend Nancy - rather let the thistles win then throw out your back again!! :)

  2. Good point. Well taken. Good luck.

  3. I can't ever see or think of thistles without remembering a short story in one of my English readers in grade school. A kid in the story was hiding from someone chasing him, submerged beneath a pond and breathing through the hollow-stalked thistles.

    That ruse so impressed me that I even asked my dad if that was possible and he utterly surprised me by saying that he'd often done the same trick at the old swimming hole on the farm where he grew up!