Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May 6

From my window:

The sky is hazy white today covered in thick clouds with indeterminate edges. The sun a white brightness overhead. Light filtered through water. The trees surrounding the lake are pale green and spotted like an impressionistic landscape. Some leaves still yet to unfurl while others have sprung out in infancy still growing to full size. The water itself is a dull mirror. Shadows of green and brown reflect the trees at the edge. The center reflects the hazy light of the sky. No wind moves it. Still, smooth, it rests. Fresh blooms of algae drape around the edges. The recent rains are gone and the banks recede leaving the scent of rot and mud. Geese scream and honk their presences. Babies follow after their mother, their fat yellow grey feathers give them a fuzzy coat. Red-winged black birds call as they hop through the tree branches. In the distance is the ever present sound of lawn mowers and trimmers...a staple in the suburbs. May comes softly in the world, hiding the scars of March and April with new grasses, new growth.


  1. Oh I'm so jealous of that bucolic haven you describe so beautifully. The only honking I hear is the cars on the nearby main road. :(

  2. You write well - very poetic prose. Nice. Thanks for the visit to Free Spirit and comment. I just signed up to follow your blog - I'll be back. :)