Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day

Happy May Day everyone!

Question to all writers out there-- Have you ever wanted to quit? Have you ever quit?

I've heard on loops when someone talks about being burned out, lost, done...they are just done. Done with rejection. Done with trying to hit the market. Done with revisions and critiques. Done with never getting it right. Done.

Other writers pop up immediately to "support" them with-you're not done, you're just tired. Take some time'll be back. Or don't quit. Never quit. LOL we turn into a cult... or The Firm-once you write a book you can never can never get out...

Truth is one book may be enough for you. Ten books may be all you have. Pushing passed who you are just to "never quit" doesn't do anything but waste your time and kill your creative heart.

So, next time someone says they are done, for goodness sakes, let them be done. Hug them. Be understanding. Don't push. There are real limits to how much abuse a person can take and yes, the writing life is full of abuse. The only reason to do it is because you LOVE it. If you don't LOVE it, move on- no shame-no harm- no foul.

In support of all those creatives who are done, today I am not a writer. Today I am a house frau with a teeth gritting bad back who is going to take one too many pain pills, watch old movies, make cookies and actually interact with my family.

FREEDOM! Happy May Day everyone.


  1. And Happy May Day to you too!! Ours is blustery cold and wet with an unseasonal rainfall.

    Have I ever wanted to quit? Definitely! More times then I can remember. But only twice that I was really serious, in 2000 and in 2008. Luckily I found some more hidden strength from somewhere and made some radical choices and changes and here I still am, dreaming of my first book signing tour!! :)

    But, yes, I agree with you: I think each other (including the greats, both commercial and literary) have a limited number of books "in" them. It may be 1, it may be 1000, but there is a point beyond which a writer is emptied of all that needs to be said. And it takes a really brave writer to be able to know when a book should be the last one.

    and ((((((((((HUGS)))))))) on the bad back. Hope the pain pills and old movies help heal the hurt!!

  2. Sorry. Making so many errors in my blogging lately. :(

    "...I think each other (including the greats, both commercial and literary) have..."

    should read

    "...I think each WRITER(including the greats, both commercial and literary) HAS..."

  3. At our house, we have Cary Grant marathon nights a couple of times a year. If you go to the library and all the Cary Grant movies are checked out, you know where to look. :D

    Peace to you Nance, hope you enjoy your May Day... pain pills, back rubs, old movies and all.

  4. Happy May Day to you too!! Hope it's a lot dryer there than it is here. Looks more like nine o'clock at night instead of ten in the morning outside here.

    And, yeah, I think I have a "done" moment at least once a week, whenever I get a rejection, or critisism, or the worst... "This is good, just not good enough." Writing breaks are wonderful, lovely things. Enjoy yours. I suggest lots of chocolate in those cookies!!

  5. Nope. Never wanted to quit. Don't think I ever could. When I first seriously decided I wanted to make a living as a writer, I wrote and wrote and wrote everyday for five years before I sold anything. That's crazy.

    I don't think I'm smart enough to ever stop.

    Take care of your back, Nancy. Enjoy your time away from the "other world".

  6. Happy May Day!!

    I'm a young journalist/wanna-be-writer/amateur photographer. Right now I'm enjoying a dull job a Library and have plenty of time to write, blog and ramble about life. It's great! But I have to admit, even though I've barely begun an outline for my book, I've been more than fed up with it a few times. I always come back to it, but HOORAY! for breaks. It gives my creative side to rest, relax and come back full speed.

    Take care of yourself!

  7. *Durn* Made lots of mistakes in that last post, but I think you get the idea. :)

  8. sympathies on the back, Nancy! got any extra pain pills? am trying to type with one screwed up elbow, other arm screwed up wrist. Owww!!!!

  9. Shorty, I totally understand. :)

    Other Lisa, sending you virtual pain pills. *pass*