Friday, May 29, 2009

May 29

Sunshine today! It comes in through my window and warms my shoulder. The baby geese are nearly as big as their parents already. The strawberries are in bloom. Lilacs fill the air with sweet smells. I have nearly completed the rough draft of a partial for a second HI should H/S buy the book I wrote in March. I received news that funding for my Master's program has come through-so that is a done deal. I need to decide what I want to pitch to the editors and agent at the residency...hmmm. Focus is so hard for me. LOL. I have writer ADD... thriller, romantic comedy, western, romantic suspense. Which to choose, which to choose...

I heard nothing from my e-mail nudge to Dorchester-as expected. So today I will put a letter in the snail mail. My hope being that the letter may spark someone to look under their desk and see if the manuscript is gathering dust somewhere. But honestly I expect not to hear back at all-ever. Still, a writer has to try.

Cheers, everyone! Let me know how you're doing...

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  1. I'm receovering. I think. Thanks for the well-wishes. It's been so long since I've been sick, I feel sort of lost.