Sunday, August 23, 2009

August 23

I am afraid I'm slipping on this daily blog. I feel as if I've been doing flyby blogs. You know, quick, hellos but to busy to talk kind of things. That is just plain boring and hardly value added for you the reader. After all if you are taking the time to visit and read, I should take a moment and add something to your day. So, mea culpa, for the recent flybys. :)

Let me ask, how is your writing going? This is a hard time of year...what with the change of season, school starting, parent teacher conferences, Sunday school start ups, soccer, football, band, etc. Do you find that you have put your writing on hold? Kids and life and family should come first-always. I'm a big believer that living your life is more important than a self imposed writing deadline. So, don't despair. But if you are guilt wracked from not writing, take a deep breath. Keep a notebook or a small tape recorder -some mp3 players will record- and write a sentence or take a note when you are waiting in the school pickup/drop off line or during those five minutes before the game starts. Look for opportunities in long lines at the grocery store, those waits outside the classroom for your turn to go in...use them to your favor. Write a sentence, a paragraph, a page. Every little bit adds up. Cheers!

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