Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feb. 10

It is so bitter cold outside today that there is no sign of life. Any critters out there are huddled up and trying to stay as warm as possible. The good news is there is sunshine. Sunshine makes the snow sparkle and paints long blue shadows. Sunshine can lift the mood and give you hope. Plus nothing beats the brilliant blue of the sky when it is really, really cold. the sky becomes like a polished gem that is almost to bright to look at. In hard times there is always small gifts of hope.
A rabbit tried to cross the drifts in my back yard. It plopped from one spot to another. When I say plop, I mean there are no rabbit tracks only full body marks. I like to tease that Big Foot walked through the yard. Because that's what it looks like.
How's the weather where you are?


  1. I live in a snow belt so it's winter for awhile but it's so pretty and soon enough, spring will be here along with many more chores. That will be fun. This year I'm going for more than one kind of Habanero pepper. Ah ... that's the good stuff.

    Stay warm. Eat well. Write often.

  2. A town just south of us has -31 degrees which is a record for the entire state of Oklahoma. Wow! It only reached -15 here. So yeah, we're all buried in snow.

  3. Hi THW, oh, boy, you need good gloves to raise those peppers. Don't want to get the juice on your fingers. :D

    Linda, Wow- yes I heard you all are suffering as well. We have hopes of reaching 38 degrees this weekend and melt a bit of the snow.