Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feb. 16

What motivates you to write? Do you write daily motivated or not? What if you are between projects and nothing new pops to mind, do you rest? Do you still write? Do you think you have to still write?
About once every eight to nine months I face the question of what now? When I first started out some twenty years ago, There was never a what now. There was always new and exciting things to write popping up like tissues from a box. But it's true if you don't fill the well it can go dry. When I see my completed projects pile up and not going anywhere I know I need to take a mental health day. Thinking I need to write more or try something new is the way to sure insanity. It's not like I don't already have piles of books written looking for a home. It's not like I'm not seeking homes for them. So, you've done all you can-that is you've provided the quantity. Now it's up to God to do what he will with it or give you something new to play with. Maybe when faced with this, it's okay to paint the basement, clean out the garage, mop the floor or catch up on reading. What do you think?

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