Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Feb. 8

Yesterday I was sent the official Request to Graduate form. Yes, that's right, I will be graduating in June with my MA. YAY! I say yay because whew- I am so ready to be done. A sweet friend of mine said I have Senioritis. I'd forgotten what that was like. (I won't tell you how many years it's been since I was in school.) Still it's nice to have the end of a big goal in sight. On the one hand it's a bit terrifying. Thoughts creep in like: what if I don't make it? What if after I make it nothing changes? Ah, life. It's a funny thing, isn't it? The problem with reaching a goal's end is that there are more goals on the other side of it. So enjoy the goal in front of you right now. Whether it is to write a page or a paragraph. Or to lose a pound. Or to send out a resume. Celebrate each goal big and small and your life will be filled with celebrations. Now that is a happy thought. Isn't it? Cheers~


  1. of COURSE you'll make it!! And this is such FABULOUS news, Nancy! Doing a Happy Dance for you and looking forward to seeing the photos of you in your cap and gown!! :):)

    Judy (South Africa)

  2. Hi Judy,
    Thanks! I know you got your MFA. So, I look up to you as my role model. Hugs~