Monday, August 16, 2010

August 16

Once again the month is half over. School starts for many college and younger kids this week. Wow- summer flew by. How has it been for you so far? Are you reaching any of your goals?
One of my goals was to read more. *cough, cough* I have read three books this summer. sigh. I used to read six books a week. I wanted to see more movies. It started off well with five or six a week from the library but that sort of stopped as well. They say it takes six weeks to form a new habit. Maybe if I start this week, I'll have better habits by October. What do you think?


  1. Best laid plans, huh? I didn't get even half the stuff done this summer that I wanted to finish. Sigh.

  2. My summer got a little messed up. If I'm to hit any goals, I need new deadlines!

  3. Hi Linda, Hi L. Diane,

    Yes, I think new deadlines are the best way to go about solving the little problem of summer flying by--- what do you think? :D