Saturday, August 21, 2010

August 20

Try, try again--I started this blog and was typing away when I moved my lap top to a more comfortable position, forgetting of course, that I took the battery out and had it on power cord only. Wham. Cord popped out and all was lost. Perhaps what I was saying wasn't so important after all. :)
Sorry about missing yesterday's blog. I thought I had written one, but it either didn't post or didn't get written. Most likely it was the didn't get written part. Thanks to my Dad who pointed out the blog was missing. Thanks to everyone for the positive thoughts on sending my last child off on their own. You know, I don't feel old enough. Yet my younger cousins remind me all the time that they are grandparents many times over. sigh.
In my head I'm still 29 struggling with writing, reading and raising my kids. As my Grandma keeps telling me, it goes by fast.
Have a great weekend everyone! Cheers~

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