Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August 24

The view from my window is the soft slow birth of Fall. We have 78 degree F temps so I have the windows open. The curtains move in and out as the house breathes the air. It is still warm enough to make the bugs lethargic and yet cool enough that the pounding whine of the air conditioners have stopped briefly. Cicadas keep up a constant chorus rising and falling while small birds flit and call. The geese are flocking, flying overhead in the classic V shape which means they are heading south before the weather turns. Some of the tree leaves are turning yellow and red- not enough to call it Fall- but enough to notice the stress of summer and the change in the light of the sky. The sky is still the hazy blue of summer with soft puffy clouds reflected on the rippling water of the lake. But it is dark now in the early morning and the sun sets sooner. The angle of its rays growing longer. We have moved from fresh strawberries to blueberries and now to melons. Soon it will be crisp apples, pumpkins and other Fall fruits. In my opinion the seasons are one of God's gifts to us mere mortals. To remind us that in the darkest Winter comes the Spring and the hottest Summer comes the Fall. Enjoy!

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