Thursday, August 5, 2010

August 5

Was out running around this morning so my post is late. How are you? We have hot, cloudy and stormy weather here. I saw three giant cranes/herons flying in formation today. It is not yet close enough to Fall to have the other birds flocking up for the trip south. We've had some flooding so that might be why the cranes are sticking together. If you pay attention you can tell the light is changing-the days growing shorter. The grapes are turning dusky purple and some of the tree leaves are showing signs of color change. As writers we pay attention to the first signs of trends-in seasons and in markets. I make note of all. You never know when you might need to describe an August day or the sound of cicadas in the trees. Cheers~


  1. Oh, cicadas. You know its defintiely August when you can hear the cicadas.

  2. Linda, they sound different here than in Kansas. Something to note. They are weaker, thinner and smaller sounding here. Weird, right?