Friday, August 27, 2010

August 27

Today's to-do list consists of four things that are due for school. Plus my daily marketing work and writing goals. Since I've started the Master's program, I've let some things slip, like my visiting other blogs and leaving comments. Blogging is a very closed community-if you don't stop in and say hi people tend to forget you. (Not you all, of course, you are such wonderful supportive loyal friends you put up with me sliding on my visits.)
I write some on my craft blog about drawing lines in the to-do list, setting boundaries, and taking care of yourself. In this business there is always someone ready to tell you that you will never be successful if you aren't doing XYZ. I think this moves along the same lines as you can never be too rich or too thin. In other words only rich, thin people are successful-only writers who do what corporations hire whole teams to do are successful.
Yeah, right. I know a lot of slightly chubby, definitely not wealthy people who are happy and I think that being happy is a true sign of success.
Am I digressing? My point being that I'm ignoring the perfectionist devil who jumps up and down at ear level berating me for what I don't do and instead create a to-do list based on the priorities for my happiness and well-being. Sometimes that means other things go by the wayside. And that's okay. So, here's to happiness and to-do lists that help you find it. Have a great weekend, everyone! cheers~

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