Monday, November 15, 2010

Nov. 15

We've hit the midpoint of yet another month. I have discovered that time is not going faster, I am the one who has slowed an older computer it takes me longer to get going. I remember ten years ago I went to a conference with friends who were ten years older than me. I could not believe how slow they were. Being with them was like entering a time bubble where everything moved in slow motion. Now I find time goes by faster than it should. I think that means I have entered my own time bubble. But then, perhaps, it's not age but the fact that I live and work in my head where the stories are. When I stop and pop back to real life, I blink and think- "wow, what happened to the time?"
Or so, I tell myself anyway. LOL. Does time effect your writing?


  1. I feel time speeding up, too. Funny, I never considered that I might be getting slower!

  2. I'll tell you one thing that isn't going fast for me. Waiting. It's like all these publishers I've submitted my stories to have other stories they're reading BEFORE mine. Gasp. The nerve of them, huh!!!

  3. Nancy, they don't seem so slow now, do they? Well, they're still ten years older, so they're probably even slower.

  4. Hi everyone,
    Talli, you and Linda and L. Diane, are too young to be getting slower.
    Linda, lol, I hope you don't have to wait three years. Best of luck that they buy your wonderful stories.
    L. Diane, LOL- you are right, they are still older. Hee,hee.