Friday, November 19, 2010

Nov. 19

I admit that I have issues with Amazon - I call it the evil empire. But then Google wants to upload all books for free reads without regard to copyright. So they are all evil. LOL. But today I went to check out a friend's wonderful new book cover and I saw her Amazon author page. It made me sigh and think, fine, I should get one of those. Perhaps link a blog to Amazon. Get with the program. Keep up with the technology. Make sure I can be found everywhere on-line. Except-here's the deal. Everyone can be found every where on line... The more places I add to my on-line presence. The fewer numbers of hits each page gets. In other words. There are only so many readers looking for me on-line. When I first joined Facebook and Twitter my web site hits tripled, but the longer I'm on these social networks, the lower my hits go. People go there and not here. Internet marketing is a very wild animal. I know a debut writer who used twitter to get to know booksellers and set up a book tour. But my books are found on-line and in libraries-so that is a wash for me. Facebook is fun and creates a "family" feeling-but of the 2,500 "friends" only 102 "fan" me. Where do you go to visit your favorite authors? Authors, where do you find the most buyers?


  1. Nancy this is an important thought to ponder. There comes a tipping point when the social media (blogging, tweets, facebook) are no longer effective if you measure value gained against time spent. In today's technological world an on-line presence is a must and has its advantages (book tours without leaving the comfort of our homes, for someone like me who lives in Africa a way of connecting with the wider world etc), but it has to be managed so that one stays just on the right side of that tipping point. And that's easier said that done!
    Judy(South Africa)

  2. I think each bit of social media has its own advantage and can be used effectively - if you do it consistently. For me, Amazon (despite its monopoly) is a great way to reach readers around the world.

  3. It varies! Some authors laughed at me for being involved in the artist community site, Deviant Art. But some of my most devoted fans are there!
    And yes, Amazon is the new evil empire.

  4. Hi Everyone,
    Thanks for the really good conversation.
    Judy, I agree, social media is great for meeting wonderful people like you and for promoting without travel costs. It is a balance.
    Talli, so many people are on Amazon. Hmmmm. I have my buy buttons set to BN on my website.
    L.Diane, that is good to know. It is wonderful when you can find new outlets that allow fans to find you.
    Anita, I agree. I go to websites, too. :D