Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nov. 23

Here in the states we do have dramatic weather and yesterday was no exception. Oddly enough the warning sirens went off here around eleven am., telling everyone to "take cover now!" But according to the radar there was very little weather in the area. Only the gray dripping warmth of a front that had passed through. By 4:30 p.m., we had tornadoes to our west, to our south and to our north, but of course, no sirens. The lack of sirens was because the severe weather missed us by ten or twenty miles. What we got was darkness, wind, and rain. As I was watching the weather unfold-two towns were badly damaged and a school bus overturned-(six kids inside were banged up but safe), I saw that there were blizzard warnings in the Rocky Mountains and across the northern plains. It was almost as if Spring had come. But no, we are decidedly into the winter season. It is cold and clear here today. The sun shines, mocking yesterday's weather performance.
If you are keeping a season/weather notebook for your writing, please note that no matter the season, you can have any weather you want. You simply have to make it believable. Oh, and keep weather notes nearby in case your copy editor wants to quibble.

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