Friday, November 5, 2010

Nov. 5

I manage to write yesterday. I have no idea if it's even in English, lol, but I put words down on paper. I had hoped to nap but the nose spray has steroids in it and so, I'm awake. I see on facebook and twitter writers putting up massive numbers of words-up to 7,000 for the contest. Good for them. I wonder if, at the end of November, they ever edit, revise and send the book out? That's the next step. It's a step many writers are scared to take. As long as the book is done and in your computer, you can say-huzzah! I am the greatest. :D But then sending it out and getting rejected and perhaps a revision letter-what a let down-still that is an important step to getting published. So, if your goal is to be published-then don't forget to send it out. If your goal is simply to write books, then enjoy doing that.
Have a happy weekend my friends. Cheers~


  1. Hope your cold is starting to clear. I spoke to a number of last year's NaNo people at a conference earlier this year and not one of them had revised or submitted their novel but they were all glad they'd done it. If I ever really get around to doing it, maybe next year!!, then I'd like to think I'd revise and submit but you're right. As long as you enjoy your writing.

  2. Hi L. Diane, thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Rosalind, there is so much craziness in this business at the very least you have to love what you do. Thanks for sharing.