Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nov. 16

We have reached the time of year in the great white north when its dark even when the sun is out. The shadows are long like a late summer's evening even though it's nearly noon. The biggest flocks of birds have already passed through. The morning frosts have pushed the insects into hibernation. There are a few stragglers, of course, there always are, but they huddle in the spots where the sun hits the house. The wind blows cold and smells of the snow that it has already deposited west of us. We, humans, fill the darkness with holiday lights and meals that cook all day, lending warmth and comforting scents to drive away the darkness. Happily in only six weeks the darkness will have its day and the light will slowly return to bring us hope and warmth and new birth. Cheers~


  1. We've hit that time of year down here where the sun is in my eyes as I drive to work. And the sun is in my eyes when I'm driving home from work. Oh, and it's Deer-hitting season. Yesterday was known as the day most deer get killed on the roads in our county.

  2. Yikes, Linda, years ago they had these things you could put on the hood of your car that would whistle as you drove. It was thought they would alert the deer and keep them away. If only that were true. Be safe!