Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11

Happy Birthday to my brother Paul~ May this be your best year ever, thinking of you~

Little dog and I are sitting here dreaming up a new cozy mystery series. I like the dreaming part. Things come to me in snippets-characters, their problems and their lives. I'm always working on a new story. I know that makes your head spin- my sales are usually years behind my story ideas. But that is how publishing works. Well, for me anyway- some people are lucky to have their new ideas published within a year of concept. For me it's usually within four years of concept- sometimes even longer. Mr. Charming was written almost ten years ago. Dream Man almost eight. The Counterfeit Bride was written five years ago. Perhaps I write ahead of my time. Or maybe the stories need that time to grow and mature and become the best they can be.
Writers- how long does it take from concept to publication for you? Readers and I want to know. Cheers~


  1. Happy birthday to your brother!

    I think when it takes long from conception to publication it's a case of writing ahead of the market, and then when the time is right, the story gets published.

    My story (book trailer up on my blog today! with Amazon giveaways!) was conceived in 2005 and is only now seeing the light of day!

    Judy (South Africa)

  2. I can see you and "Little Dog" sitting around dreaming up best selling mysteries, involving a beautiful (but mysterious) writer and her ever intelligent pooch who work together to solve incredibly complex cases.

    As always, my very best wishes to you, your birthday brother Paul, and Judy Croome for her publishing success.

  3. Nice of you to wish your brother a happy birthday! And how long? Usually at least three years.

  4. I'm about like you; it's years after I start an idea before I've ever seen anything in print. I think my shortest spread was the story I have coming out this Friday. I finished the rough draft in August of 2008. So, that was only 2 and a half years there! Or was it August of 2007. Sigh. The years are starting to blur together.

    My brother Ed's birthday was on April 11th. What a coincidence!

  5. Hi All- Linda- Happy birthday to your brother Ed!!

    Congrats to Judy on her wonderful book trailer- go see it everyone. It's haunting.

    Marty- you make me smile.

    L. Diane- I think at least three years is average. I also think that readers and writers need to be aware of lag times. It helps put things in perspective.

    Cheers my friends, N