Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 19

The snow is gone. YAY! But now we have cold rain and the weather man promises more snow this week. I'm okay with it because the world is so green now. I am simply hoping that it doesn't freeze the buds on my magnolia before they can burst forth. I saw a pink tip before the snow. The rain and snow are welcome because we put down grass seed and the water and snow will help bring the grass to life.

There is a bit of sad and gruesome news-remember the bunny Midnight whom I rescued from the woods? It seems that Midnight went missing once again. I saw a family trudging through the woods calling a name. Then a sign went up offering a reward. The next day, coming back from a walk, I saw two pieces of black bunny next to my porch behind the bushes. Sad. I'm thinking the coyote got him and these pieces were picked up by birds or perhaps a cat. We have a few lovely cats that enjoy my front bushes and the occasional chipmunk that dares to run by. So- the circle of life. I'm not going to be the one to tell the little girls. But I hope they will have learned and moved their rabbit hutch away from the woods and up toward the house-should they get another rabbit.
Not very cheerful post, I suppose. But as a writer I like to report the life outside my window in all of it's moods-light and dark. Cheers~

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