Monday, April 18, 2011

April 18

Tax day~ thank goodness mine have been done a while. I get too nervous to wait until the last minute for taxes. Did you get yours done or are you a last minute- mail them at midnight kind of person?

We have snow today- about an inch or two on the ground. It was too cold and rainy this weekend to plant my last set of bulbs and seeds. I'm glad I waited as snow might not be the best for them.

I'm off today to get the boobs squished per my doctor's orders. I'm still very much of the mind set that the fewer exposures to radiation in your life the better, but screening once in a while is my compromise.

Hmmm, taxes, snow, mammogram and Monday- wow. Can the day get any better? ;)
Let me know how you are doing. And women- are you faithful with the boob squish or are you like me concerned about recent findings regarding its actual need? I would love to know. Cheers~


  1. Our weather is beautiful right now. After the nightmare of storms on Saturday, I'm glad it's pretty outside!

  2. L. Diane, I am so glad you are safe. What a storm that was. My thoughts and prayers to everyone in the tornado prone areas. Cheers~