Thursday, April 7, 2011

April 7

Thesis is printed and will be posted later today. YAY! Okay short celebration and booty dance will take place and then back to work. It's foggy out today. Little dog came in from her morning yard check with four fully muddy paws. The ground is thawing and it's Spring. It will be mud season for a while. Thank goodness she is little enough to scoop up and wash paws before she gets too far into th house. When big dog, George, was alive, he'd wait patiently at the door while I got a bucket of water and towels to wash his feet. There was no picking him up. lol. What are some of the joys of your Spring?


  1. The warmth - I froze this past winter!

  2. I think your fog finally moved to us this morning. Congrats on the Thesis's finale!

  3. I hear it is going to be near 70 on Sunday- As L. Diane said, I'm looking forward to the warmth.