Friday, April 1, 2011

April 1

April Fools day ~ Do you think it's because people are fools in the spring? A fool for love? Or maybe there is a real story behind April Fools Day. Perhaps I should wiki it... Huh- it says the first reference to April Fools was in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales of 1392. It was thought perhaps because they changed New Years day from April to January that the tradition of being a fool in April began, but they have found references to the day prior to the change. Some French towns celebrated an entire week of foolishness ending on April 1st- to make fun of people who changed New Year's Day to January. Who knows what the true story is~ But I think people just like a reason to tease each other and be silly. So go out today and find a smile and a little joy. Cheers~

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