Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sept 1

Welcome in a new month~ this month I will be attending my first conference in a few years. Bouchercon is taking place in St. Louis and I am hoping to do some networking and learn a few things along the way. Bcon is my first foray into the mystery writer community and with my new sale to Berkley Prime Crime~ the Gluten Free Bakery mystery series, its time I became more familiar with the mystery/thriller world.
I know some writers who attend every conference they can. While that would be fun, I think it would be exhausting and they must have to write while they attend to keep up. I'd rather attend one or two conferences a year and give them my entire focus.
Bcon is a conference for writers but mostly for fans of mystery books. Do you ever attend a conference as a fan? If so, what are your favorite moments?


  1. i've never been to any kind of book convention. I'd like to make at least one once in my life though.

    Hope you have a good time.

  2. Thanks Linda- you should try to get to a regional RWA- they tend to be inexpensive and you get more face time with editors and agents. Cheers~