Friday, September 2, 2011

Sept 2

Yesterday I saw the first signs of Fall. I drove to pick my daughter up from college for the weekend and passed a farm with a line of colorful flags on either side of the driveway and small signs that read: pumpkins, corn maze, hay rack rides, caramel apples, and- my favorite- cider donuts. It brought back memories of taking my kids to one such farm to pick out their pumpkin for carving later-or painting if we decided to cook and eat it. Fresh apple cider and donuts are special parts of Fall I look forward to, although these days for me it's gluten free donuts as I have a gluten allergy (celiac). The memories flow of college and football games and bon fires and fun.
What memories do you have of Fall?


  1. Nancy,

    I could totally visualize you picking out pumpkins for your children. Back in India, I never experienced fall. This time around is the rainy season there and I have fond memories of the rains in India. However, I love fall and the beautiful mix of orange, yellow, red and brown that nature brings with it.

  2. We don't have anything quite so delicious as donuts and cider locally but we have started to see leaves turning gold and dropping to the ground. Yet another year/season is coming to a close.