Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sept 14

I got revision notes for my latest cozy mystery. I love to see what my agent thinks. Then it's a puzzle for me to figure out how to make that happen. When I first started many books ago, I would have been put off by revisions. But these days I encourage opinions. It doesn't mean that I will follow them all, but it helps me to improve the work and for me that is the most important thing. I want to be successful and if that means a rewrite or a word search, then I'm all over it. I am so invested in my stories. It breaks my heart when they aren't selling. So I work hard to ensure they are the best they can be so that more people enjoy them.
Writers, how do you feel about revisions?


  1. I'm learning to enjoy revisions too. It's a great opportunity to make the story even better. Of course, my bad habit is that I get so impatient and excited about "almost" being there, I sometimes rush when I know I shouldn't.

  2. It's good to know that throughout each book you learn to accept certain things and start embracing them. I've only been writing for a little under two years and already I'm learning so much! I'm working my through the world of querying hoping to get a bite!!

  3. Hi Linda, yes, I also get impatient - lol.

    Jen- best of luck with your queries and congrats. It's a great step in the process! Cheers~