Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sept 7

The grapes on my back deck are beginning to turn purple. Right now they are a dusky red. The air is scented with concord grape. It smells purple. The neighbors gave me a bag full of tomatoes from their garden. Mine are still mostly green. It has cooled off and I am worrying that frost will come before the plants fully produce. If that happens, we'll figure out what to do with green tomatoes and green grapes- perhaps a relish.
Do you know of a good green tomato recipe? Cheers~


  1. Ever since watching the movies, I've always wanted to find out what a fried green tomato tasted like.

    I wish I could smell your deck. I love grapes.

  2. Hi Linda, I've wondered about fried green tomatoes as well. I may find out. :) Cheers~