Monday, September 5, 2011

Sept 5

A cold front has come through and the temperature dropped about twenty degrees F. The windows are open and the breeze blowing in making me chilly. I have a sweater on. Here in the US it's Labor Day and the official end of the summer season. The fashion industry once again debates whether it is fashion forward or a no-no to wear white after labor day. As for me, I try to avoid white at all costs because I'm a hot mess and white will be quickly stained and ruined if I wear it. One bump of my coffee cup or a stray spurt of ketchup or even just brushing by something dark or greasy. For that matter I sat in gum at the movie theater a few weeks back and ended up tossing a pair of slacks. So for me, white is always a no-no. As for my messiness. I embrace and accept it. I work around it. Mostly I don't worry about it. It can sometimes bring a good laugh to a sober day. Happy holiday my friends. Cheers~

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