Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oct. 14

I like to watch the television show Ghost Hunters. when I first started watching I enjoyed the two main characters who were so certain that there was an explanation for people's "hauntings" - wind, squeaky floor, bad plumbing, etc. Then there was the occasional surprise when something was caught on tape that was unexplainable. Soon, I enjoyed the side characters who scared themselves and kept saying "dude, what was that?!" over spiders and stuff.
But it's been a few years now and the show has gotten commercial. They "find" more stuff now than ever-and mostly they two main guys find it which I find creates a "staged" feel in this supposed reality show. I mean if there were actual haunts wouldn't they act up for more than the two head guys?
The spark of the show is waning-but I still watch when I can. I'm intrigued by the possibility knowing full well that camera tricks are easy to do but still enjoying the ghost story feel. It's the time of year for ghost stories and the unexplained...and isn't it fun to imagine? Cheers~


  1. Always so disappointing when what was a hit show deteriorates into commercial and hackneyed jokes.

    I sometimes find that with series of books as well. By book number 15, the story is tired and I lose interest no matter how fantastic the early books in the series were. It's like old boxing champions pushing to keep their title one more time, when if they retired unbeaten at the top, it would be so much more memorable.

  2. I've not gotten into that one, in part because I only watch a couple shows on TV. (I try to limit my TV viewing.)
    And they actually came to NC to cover the USS N Carolina a couple years ago!

  3. Hi Ann, *waves* you are so right. I've dropped some of my favorite book series because they have lost the initial spark. Great analogy!

    L. Diane, I saw the one with the USS N. Carolina- there seems to be many haunted ships. They theorize that a large amount of water helps paranormal activity.