Monday, October 19, 2009

Oct. 19

We have a flock of robins hanging around. Probably due to the two ornamental cherry trees in my yard that are loaded with fruit that is not suitable for humans but is lovely for birds. Big flocks of geese fly in for a mid morning break. Then fly out in the afternoon on their way south. The sun is out. The lake rippling in the wind. Only a few trees have their leaves now, some dully red. The lawn grass has been cut for the last time. People have pumpkins sitting on their door stoops. Some have ghosts and goblins and scarecrows out...bales of hay, stalks of corn. I'm hording bags of candy for trick or treaters. Its the only time we have candy in the house-usually I bake if we want sweets. I have no costume in mind this year...any ideas?


  1. For you? I picture a superhero. Think you'd make a good Batgirl or Catwoman.

  2. Oh- great idea... I like Batgirl... I'm a little too old for a Catwoman suit. lol