Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oct. 17

I woke up at the crack of dawn today by the sound of gun fire. We live out in the country and I think it's hunting season...perhaps bird or bunny. Still it is unsettling to hear first thing in the morning. I'm not against hunting when done properly. I think it helps to feed hungry families and cuts down on the over population of animals. Since we have gotten rid of most of the large natural predators, deer, rabbit and game bird populations have boomed. There is nothing worse than having these lovely animals die of starvation and disease...or worse. It's a hard choice but I think a wise one.


  1. My Dad hunted for the pot when we were young. He only took 6 bullets with and if he didn't get anything with that we ate vegetables. I feel uncomfortable with this knowledge now which is, in part, why I'm vegetarian now (penance for all those animals). And because I've never recovered from the trauma of that scene in "Bambi" where his mother is shot and killed.

  2. Ann, I agree- that Bambi scene is awful!