Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oct. 29

Deadline day for the MA semester end. Da da daaaaaa. :) I have everything done so I have no idea why I'm stressing... except I want it all to be perfect and wonderful and A++ material- which realistically can never happen. It is like a book deadline in the same way...Hard to let go of the baby-sending it off into the mist so to speak. Out of your hands, out of your control, off to be judged by others. Yikes!
Classic author behavior to struggle with the sending off part. I know a NYT Bestseller who writes three endings for each book- her way of letting go. Me, I have to walk and pace and force myself to send it off into the great unknown. Sort of like a parent letting go of a child. You do it in stages, but you do it. Or you would never learn, grow and sell.
So, off to send my deadline things in... Tell me, do you struggle with letting go?


  1. As in, when do I stop nit-picking a manuscript? LOL - the day before it HAS to go out!

  2. I always think I've missed some kind of gross mistake. It does help to hire an editor, though. I highly recommend Helen Ginger.

    Morgan Mandel

  3. All the time - with all things!! I hang on until I'm forced to let go!! Sometimes I wonder why I hold on so long!