Friday, October 30, 2009

Oct. 30

I updated my Sunday blog by adding a button for an RSS feed. This means readers can stream updates to their web browser or Google reader. Then my daughter said she loves to read the twitter comments on the edge of her favorite blogs. Since I tweet and re-tweet many good links for writers, I added the twitter stream to the side of that blog. There are other things I need to do with my on-line presence- but I'm getting there. :)
Here's my question to readers of my daily blog-would you like an RSS button for this blog? Twitter stream here as well? Cheers~


  1. A twitter stream would be cool. But I already follow you on Twitter, so I could survive if you didn't add that here. And I have both your blogs on my favorites list on my blog page, which lets me know when you've posted something new. Of course, everyone else might not do that, so you could add an RSS for them. I certainly wouldn't mind.

    And I'll shut up now!!

  2. Thanks Linda, I'm glad for the comment. I have you and L. Diane on my blog favorites list, too. So I don't use RSS. Interesting, though, isn't it?

  3. I'm okay thanks Nancy - I pick up the updates from my blog dashboard when I come on-line for my strictly moderated (but eagerly awaited!) blogging time, twice a month. I try to catch up then, (and also sneak a few visits inbetween!!) :)