Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oct. 21

I had an adventure this morning. I took the train into town, walked among the crowds and sky scrapers, went to the 18th floor and interviewed with a nice temporary service. Took the train back. It is so unlikely that a small town Kansas girl like me could be so cosmopolitan. But there I was with the commuters...walking the gray streets between the canyons of skyscrapers as if I belonged there. Glad to be back home among the sounds of geese and coyotes and robins and crows. With the scent of baled hay and cut corn. Where there is so much life and color and country air.


  1. Cool. That would make me feel all cosmopolitan too! But it'd be nice to go home to the country afterward.

  2. LOL. Sounds like me when I moved from a small mining village to Jo'burg! Talk about adapt or die! :O