Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 14

Oh boy, computer issues. I have been researching new laptops in my "budget" (think cheap). Last time I bought one without researching much-it was pretty, what can I say? This time I'm more careful. I have discovered the big tipping point issue. This laptop has very little - 510MB- memory. Oh, boy. I remember when I bought it thinking that I was only word processing-not gaming or doing much graphics and surely I couldn't use all that memory. Well, gee, the memory sticks I use as back up have 1G of memory-twice that of my current laptop. Duh! *slaps forehead*
Thank you for bearing with me as I solve my little crisis. I am stubborn and it is my stubborn nature that kept me from tossing the thing out the window last month and buying new. Hopefully soon I'll be back to blogging on time and reading and participating.

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