Monday, April 5, 2010

April 5

Last week I won a blog award from the wonderful L. Diane, I promise to blog on that tomorrow. Today I am ranting a bit. (I know I seem to be doing that a lot lately. sigh.)
I purchased new glasses complete with expensive lenses three months ago. Two weeks ago I noticed chips in the top edges. What? How? I've never had glasses chip there before. Were the lenses cut wrong to fit the frames? I did what any self respecting consumer would do- I took them back. This is what they told me. These are expensive polycarbonate lenses (Scratch resistant, etc.) and clearly I used some bad chemical to clean them and thus disolved them. Yes, that's right I must be at fault and those chips are actually the lenses crumbling. No, I said, I use what you gave me to clean them. Huh, they say, well... do you wear hairspray? Because if you use hairspray you can dissolve these lenses. Um. What??!! No, I don't use hairspray, much to the dismay of my fashionista daughter. Well, clearly I did something to the lenses but since they are under warranty I can replace them for half price. Half price? How much is that? $150. But I only paid $170 for the entire glasses three months ago. Well, when you use hairspray or say Windex on the glasses they dissolve and you have to pay for your mistakes.
I asked for the manager. She gave me the same story- Windex, hairspray, etc. Then offered to replace them for free if I swear not to use Windex or hairspray this time. (Which I didn't use last time.) Then she looks at me and says- oh, do you cook? I blink. Yes, I cook, all the time. "That's it then," she says. The heat of sticking your face in the oven to pull out things and standing over the sink to strain noodles probably is what caused your glasses to crumble."
(Pause. blink.)
She said that-seriously. So the answer is to not wear my glasses while cooking and hope that I can see well enough so that the food doesn't hit the floor. Sigh.
Or better yet- in two years when my insurance will let me purchase new glasses, insist on lenses that aren't made of poly carbonate. sheesh. Okay, rant over. Thanks for listening. :)


  1. How ridiculous. Sounds like our sidewalk story. The concrete is starting to flake off on the top, and after we talked to the guy that poured it, he said it was because of rain. I guess we should've known to pack up our sidewalk and store it in the garage every time it rained!!

  2. Wow...that's crazy! Of course, it only took my son 2 seconds to snap the unbreakable expensive titanium rims when he was 5 months old...

    On the other hand, blind cooking could be interesting!

  3. Linda and Heather- your stories made me laugh! Thanks for sharing. Isn't it ridiculous?