Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April 27

There are leaves on the trees! This is a truly exciting event for me as I live in the north where most of the year they have bare branches. The leaves popped out in the last three or four days. They are spring green and new as they unfurl. Some are tinted red or yellow. It is cool here-in the 40 degree F range. The wind is howling around as if it were March not nearly the end of April. But the leaves are defiantly happy to be new born. They unfurl slowly like sails long hidden from storms. The sounds they make as they rustle in the wind adds to the the music of the birds and the chattering of squirrels. Cheers~


  1. My irises are starting to bloom. They were planted last year, so I've never seen what color they were going to be. Looks like purple!

  2. I love irises- on the KU campus they all bloom in May and smell sweet and almost like grapes. Do you think it's because they are purple? :)