Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 21

I'm giving a presentation at the Chicago North-RWA Spring Fling conference on Saturday. Now, I'm not one of those people who writes out her talk on note cards and practices in the mirror before hand. But instead, I spend days, weeks, playing with ideas in my head over what I want to say, and gathering tools, toys and such for show and tell. I've bought chocolates to give out as an interactive tool. People love prizes. I'm also going to drag out my volumes of rejection letters from back in the day when agents and editors mailed you there no thanks. Including the ones where they simply rubber stamped my SASE with a "no, thanks" in red ink. Seriously, only the post office made out on that one. I've gathered articles and examples from other writers. Soon, I'll sit down and put together an outline. Then Saturday I'll show up with my bobbles and gadgets and boxes and chocolates. Hopefully we'll all have a good time. Cheers~


  1. Really? Red ink rubber stamp? Owch! Talk about cold blooded!

    If I were living in Chicagoland still, I'd come to your talk! Good luck, m'dear! Enjoy the fling!

  2. Hi Sue, thanks! and yep- rubber stamp. Seriously. lol

  3. I'm sure you'll do great and have a wonderful time.

    My boss who is a training specialist and does a lot of public speaking, is opposite of you. He really advocates practicing in front of a mirror.

  4. Hi Ashley, I know the type. lol I was in debate and speech as a teen. It's the same thing as plotters versus pantzers. The plotters strongly feel like they know the correct and best way to write. But pantzers brains don't think that way. I guess I'm a pantzer through and through. lol Thanks for stopping by.